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It is no longer a secret that Croatia holidays are becoming a highly sought arrangements among travelers from around the world. Croatia has become the first choice holiday destination for many Europeans as well as for tourists from the rest of the globe.

One of the main advantages which distinguish Croatia as holiday destination among other places is combination of the fascinating history, picturesque coastline with over a thousand islands with equally interesting mountain ranges in the background.

Vibrant atmosphere of small coastal holiday resorts as well as those in larger cities on Dalmatian coast and Istria perfectly blending with traditional Mediterranean architecture is fact that will leave no one indifferent.

Endless diversity of relief, climate, plant and animal species from coast of Adriatic across the mountain ranges of Lika and Dalmatia to the plains of Slavonia are guarantee that Croatia will offer something different to each visitor.

Perfectly preserved nature and its diversity makes Croatia Holidays perfect choice for any kind of vacation, whether it is cultural and historical type of holiday, active or just traditional sun and sea relaxing holiday in Croatia.

Traditional Sun & Sea Croatia Holidays

Perfect destinations for this type of holiday in Croatia are spreaded along the one of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe which include over a thousand Croatian islands. Beautiful and long coastline along with islands hides all kind of beaches from sandy to gravel beaches that make up the majority of Croatian coast and islands.

Rovnij Croatia Holidays

The most famous sunshine holiday hotels & resorts in Croatia are extending from Istria on the north part of coast over Dalmatia all way to Dubrovnik riviera in the far south of the country.

Book you holiday in Istria and enjoy in famous hotel resorts in Porec, Rovinj, Umag or Pula and explore and discover the picturesque interior in Istrian peninsula.

Visit small Istria villages in mainland and taste delicious traditional Istrian cuisine in combination with local native wines.

Learn about over 2000 years old culture of Istria and visit famous historical sites like Romanesque Basilica of Euphrasius in Porec, Augustan Forum (Arena) in Pula and numerous historical sites even before the days of Roman Empire.

Little further to the south down the beautiful and picturesque coast lies Dalmatia. Dalmatian coast occupies most part of eastern coast of Adriatic. It extends from south part of island of the Rab on north all way to the Dubrovnik riviera on south of Croatia.

Holidays on Dalmatian coast offer you a great diversity regardless of which type of holiday in Croatia you decided.

Dalmatian coast area encompasses great mountain ranges of Velebit on north and Dinaridi on south which are perfect if you are you prefer active holidays in Croatia.

Five of eight Croatian national parks are located in Dalmatia.

North Velebit national park is perfect choice for all active holiday lovers. Place will offer you kilometers well maintained hiking and mountain biking trails and variety of animal and plant species.

Paklenica national park is ideal choice for Croatia holidays if you are a fan of rock climbing or hiking. Paklenica will welcome you with kilometers of groomed hiking and biking trails, climbing cliffs.

Kornati national park is perfect vacation spot for boat trips and sailing Croatia holidays.

Krka national park is unique place on earth where you can see all natural phenomena karst topography.

Major part of Krka national park is located along the riverbed of the river Krka forming seven waterfalls, lakes and unimaginable shapes ongoing through the canyon on its way to the Adriatic.

Croatia Holidays Krka National Park

Mljet national park is located on far south in the island of Mljet. Its a place of magical beauty which hides many sandy beaches, coves, bays and richness of wildlife.

National Park Mljet is really famous among sailing enthusiasts and water activities lovers.

Dalmatian coast is divided into three sub-regions.

North Dalmatia with Zadar as regional center, historical city of Šibenik which is one of the oldest cities on Adriatic coast, vibrant Zadar archipelago islands: island of Pag, Murter island, Dugi Otok, Vir island and Olib which are a magnet for those who opt for sailing holidays in Croatia.

Central Dalmatia with historical towns Split, Trogir and crown jewels of Croatia tourism islands Brač, Hvar, Korčula and island of Vis. Wonderful coastline of Central Dalmatia with plenty beaches, coves and bays combined with thousands year old historical sites on every step are great choice for Croatia riviera holiday.

Split Croatia Holidays

Central Dalmatia will provide you a unique opportunity to explore and discover life as it once was in this part of Mediterranean.

Book your accommodation in this part of Dalmatia and experience your holiday from one of the best locations for hotels, apartments and luxury villas you will ever see.

South Dalmatia with city of Dubrovnik as main center is one of the leading tourist regions on Dalmatian coast and perfect spot to spend your Croatia holidays. Visit Dubrovnik and learn more about the impressive past of this city true gem.

Dubrovnik Holidays - Croatia Villa

Beside Dubrovnik and it first class holiday resort there are certainly a lot more to offer. Visit smaller tourist centers in this regions like Cavtat and you will be impressed by rich history, delicious traditional cuisine and premium villas and hotels.

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Why you should visit Croatia

Croatia is a small country but with rich historical and cultural heritage and numerous natural beauties. Croatian national and natural treasures are revealed in the many museums, galleries, churches and national and nature parks, which are, as monuments of the highest category and examples of exceptional beauty, an unavoidable chapter on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

croatia dubrovnik

All those historical and natural resources are indeed visible on almost every corner. Whether following the intricate white stone alleyways and streets and sailing along the exceptional marine archipelago and merry harbors of the coastal towns of Istria, the Kvarner and Dalmatia, or climbing the green serpentines of central Croatia all the way to the fairytale-like forts and castles, each step you take is a new experience.

Croatia is mixture of cultures

Croatia is also special because its geographical position is the intersection of four cultural circles. There, the West, the East, the Central and Southern Mediterranean spirits meet and complement each other.

This is a land of urban culture which counts more cities than any other part of the Mediterranean. The millennial history of Croatia is also represented by hundreds of medieval churches with striking frescoes and fascinating braided reliefs.

Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. It is a land where the warm Mediterranean blends with the freshness of mountains and the golden plains of Pannonia. Croatia is a rare European landscape which boasts as many as eight national parks in so small an area!

Croatia’s eight national parks cover 7.5% of the country or 994 km²(759 km² of which is land and 235 km² is water). The parks contain an outstanding variety of geological and natural phenomena and they are home to various animal species.

Aside from national parks, Croatia has eleven nature parks and two arboretums. Altogether, Croatia is home to as many as 4,300 plants and as many animal species.

Croatian Islands

Croatian sea shore is one of the most rugged and picturesque in the Mediterranean basin, having 1185 islands with a total coastal length in excess of four thousand kilometers.

With an average of 2600 hours of sun annually the Adriatic is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe. The sea temperature in summer reaches up to 27°C.